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Tuesday: Spend 15 minutes running around looking for either of the teachers I was told I could hand in my english coursework to. AGAIN. Thought that after 3 weeks of doing this it would finally be over. Again, I was wrong.

Wednesday: Spend two hours standing in the freezing cold so that Lydia could impress some guy at school rugby game. At the end of the game, guy walks past. Ignores her. Walks past again. Ignores her. Walks past again. Says, "Hi." and leaves. Spend rest of night shivering because of Hadie giving me a cold :@

Thursday: Laura and Hadie spend most of morning yelling at eachother, over NOTHING. Laura then mad at me for daring to speak to Hadie.

Screen of new phone broken. Must wait 2 weeks to get it fixed or no phone for Barca game.

Friday: Pass out and have seizure at school. Am left alone for 5 minutes, then given water and told to go back to class.

Saturday: Headache all day. Nearly break ankle walking in silly high heels.

Sunday: Fuck knows...

If it weren't for the total fucking brilliance of Wednesday night, I'd be seriously depressed right now...
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